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Artisans, artists, and creatives

Here you will find highlights to artisans, artists, and creatives who have lent their skills to New Orleans National Vodou day.

New Orleans artist
Ricardo Pustanio

Ricardo Pustanio is a internationally known an enduring icon in the world of New Orleans Mardi Gras float design and local artistry. in years past his phenomenal creative talents are witnessed by thousands upon thousands of locals and tourists who throng the streets of New Orleans each year to catch a glimpse of one of the oldest and most prestigious parades of the season, the Krewe of Mid-City. Year after year spectators were dazzled by Ricardo’s original designs and foil creations, bringing the Krewe’s themes to vibrant life. Though now at what one might call the pinnacle of his success, it has taken Ricardo many years of hard work and dedication to get where he is today. And according to Ricardo, “The best is still to come!” You can see his great work up close, at the New Orleans Healing Center. Including His Magnificent life size satute at the center of the International Shrine Of Marie Laveau. Also Featured are Sainte Muerte, And Baron Samedi As well as the Larger then Life Center lobby Fountain's Swamp Witch of Maurepas Pass.

Papier-mâché artwork by Ricardo Pustanio was recently one of the highlights and on display at The Endless Nights Vampire Ball 2023 in New Orleans at the House of Blues.

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