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Lest we forget

Mission Statement

“Lest we forget”


Inspired by National Vodun Day in Benin, New Orleans National Vodou Day is a day of collective remembrance and spiritual reparation that includes a procession to monuments at sites relevant to the transatlantic slave trade in New Orleans, with ritual to account for and seek absolution for participation in the institution of slavery, homage to those Ancestors who suffered through and survived the transatlantic slave trade, and honor and appreciation for the achievements of those who came out of oppression. A Day for education, creative expression, elevation, cultural exchange, and above all, healing. Through authentic Vodou traditions, handed down through generations, we offer a path to healing from the ongoing ramifications of slavery and racism in the United States.


Vision Statement

New Orleans National Vodou Day reaches beyond the local community to draw participation from people around the country and the world.


Our Goals:

1. **Preservation of Vodou Heritage:** We are committed to preserving and promoting the authentic Vodou traditions handed down through generations. Through education and immersive experiences, we aim to dispel myths and misconceptions, fostering a respectful appreciation of this sacred practice.

2. **Cultural Exchange:** New Orleans National Vodou Day bridges diverse communities, inviting people of all backgrounds to come together and share in the rich tapestry of Vodou culture. We believe in the power of cultural exchange to foster unity and understanding.

3. **Ancestral Reverence:** Central to our mission is the deep reverence for our ancestors. Through rituals, ceremonies, and artistic expressions, we provide a platform for participants to connect with their ancestral roots and honor the spirits that guide and protect us.

4. **Artistic Expression:** We celebrate the artistic and creative expressions intrinsic to Vodou culture. Through music, dance, visual arts, and storytelling, we aim to showcase the beauty and depth of Vodou's artistic heritage.

5. **Community Building:** The event seeks to create a sense of belonging and unity within the community. We provide a space for individuals to come together, share their stories, and strengthen bonds that transcend cultural differences.

6. **Education and Awareness:** We are dedicated to dispelling stereotypes and misunderstandings surrounding Vodou. Through workshops, lectures, and interactive experiences, we empower participants to gain a deeper understanding of Vodou's spiritual significance and its role in shaping the cultural identity of New Orleans.

7. **Environmental Responsibility:** We are committed to hosting a sustainable event that respects the natural environment. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint through responsible practices and encourage attendees to do the same.

By embracing these principles, the New Orleans National Vodou Day Festival aspires to be a beacon of cultural preservation, unity, and reverence, enriching the lives of all who participate and leaving a lasting legacy of respect for our ancestors and the traditions that bind us.

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