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Priestess Miriam Williams

Priestess Miriam, born Mary Robin Adams, on a plantation with her family in 1943. She was given the opportunity to obtain educational skills leading her to graduate High School from Sam Brinkley High School in Jackson, Mississippi that inspired her to seek opportunities that led her to New York. Taking advantage of a job opportunity ad for domestic housekeeping including room and board with living security. This gave her the opportunity to further seek her dreams of becoming a nurse, which led to a move to Chicago, Illinois in 1965, which led to a vocation not only as a nurse but opening up into surgical nursing in the OR, for eleven years which opened her life up to spiritual services and becoming an ordained Bishop in both religious and Spiritual sciences. After 25 years of service in health and well-being her path aligned her destiny to New Orleans alongside her Belizean husband Priest Oswan. There they opened The Voodoo Spiritual Temple, which is now in it’s 34th year serving people from around the globe. The temple is the longest continually operating Voodoo Temple in the city, which has welcomed many notables including Daagbo Hounon, Supreme Voodoo Priest of Benin in September of 1995, only six months after the death of Priest Oswan on March 6 that year. The road is well open, Papa has spoken.  

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