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Kamili Nilata

Kamili Nilata is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She was culturally molded there and studied 12 consecutive years under the dance tutelage of Bernice Durden Franklin, known as the “Katherine Dunham of the South.” 

Ms. Nilata, as an Educator, taught Physical and Health Education, and as Dance Specialist for over 20 years in 4 major U.S. Public School systems. During those years she created 2 major dance companies, as well as a High school dance repertoire and Tap Dance ensembles performing on television and major productions which enriched theatre appreciation youth audiences.

Ms. Nilata has danced with professional companies in California and New York, namely with the Gibson Girls (Original Cotton Club Chorus Line). Secondly with The Infamous Copacetic Tap Dancers, and Gregory and Maurice Hines in New York.

Ms. Nilata taught dance in the San Diego Community College District, and choreographed several PBS television shows, one becoming an Emmy-award winner, as well as for renowned artists.

Her international residencies included Copenhagen, Denmark, Ghana, West Africa, and a short term in Nigeria, West Africa, and Cuba. She created merging cultural dance compositions, and facilitated workshops of New Orleans culture and performances with the dance communities.

Currently, Ms. Nilata facilitates Teacher Professional Development Arts Integration workshops; Mindfulness Education ( learn to love self) for all populations; and fun-filled Dance Arts series classes.

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