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Denise Augustine

Cultural Roles and Traditions

Beyond her storytelling prowess, Denise Augustine stands as a vital member of the Black Masking traditions, embodying the spirit and resilience of The New Orleans Voodoo Babydolls. Her involvement in this revered tradition allows her to infuse her narratives with authenticity, weaving together history, mystique, and the vibrant essence of her heritage.

Tour Guide and Cultural Ambassador

As a tour guide, Denise takes enthusiasts and curious souls on immersive journeys through the cobblestone streets of New Orleans. Her tours are more than explorations; they're immersive experiences where history, folklore, and the city's heartbeat converge, allowing visitors to step into the vivid tapestry of Creole culture.

Legacy and Impact

Denise Augustine's commitment to preserving and sharing the essence of Creole storytelling and cultural traditions has left an indelible mark on the vibrant mosaic of New Orleans. Her tireless efforts continue to inspire a new generation of storytellers and cultural custodians, ensuring that the sacred stories of her heritage endure for generations to come.


Denise Augustine is a luminary in storytelling, a torchbearer illuminating the pathways of tradition, culture, and heritage. Through her work, she embodies the spirit of New Orleans, inviting all to embrace the magic woven within the threads of her sacred stories.

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